This is were all the squealing happens. This page present a rough selection of tracks made by various artists, trying to show that LGPT suits a nice variety of musical styles. It also links to hexawe, where you can download project files to try on your machine


Hexawe is a net label dedicated to propagate LittleGPTracker tracks & sav files. Alongside to it's systematic release of single tracks, it also hosts regular quality compo. Here's the three delectable Fairplight, DrunkNESFunk & CasioCrack ones for your listening pleasure


Toytone/P.Catani - GP D2 Panic Picnic

Rhinostrich - The Creep

Salkin - Little steppy feet

K9D - Live at G3 lounge (SFO)

Peter Swimm - Lostland Theme

Overthruster - 11 (Grindthieves comp)

Thomas Neumeier - Pigbient

M-.-n - Tardline_raster, live at Place Club (SPB)

10K Compo tracks

If you're looking for the 10K compo track, please come over here